About Us

About Arya Ice Cream

Arya Ice Cream’s DSD division is a leader in full-service Direct Store Delivery in the Southern California Market. With the combination of competitive pricing, an unparalleled class of customer service, and a vast selection of quality products, we have placed over 3,000 freezers and service more than 100 grocery stores.   Our 15 years of experience allows us to serve retail operators of all sizes, and we all know that with experience comes knowledge. Therefore, here at Arya Ice Cream, we understand that superior service is hard to find nowadays, that’s why at Arya Ice Cream we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our convenience store and grocery store clientele.

Alongside our DSD division, Arya Ice Cream’s Los Angeles branch is the largest Ice Cream Vending distributor on the West Coast. Our product line reaches more than 5,000 ice cream trucks and ice cream pushcarts in Southern California per day. Arya Ice Cream has kept the dominant market share in Ice Cream Vending in California because of the capabilities of our distribution network.

What separates us from the rest?

  • Arya Ice Cream also operates its own 50,000 square foot distribution warehouse which can hold up to 5,000 pallets or over 227 tractor trailer loads.
  • We offer hundreds of quality items that are proven sellers. Our experienced sales staff will even help you choose the products that sell the most in your geographical area.
  • A fleet of 25 customized Johnson Body® delivery trucks that store the products at subzero temperatures at all times.
  • 4 -18-wheeler tractor trailers
  • A vast distribution network.
  • We service all of Southern California!
  • Our network also expands into Oregon, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit.